Luxury Houseboat Amsterdam

Find out how it feels to sleep on a luxury houseboat in the green centre of Amsterdam

Luxury houseboat in Amsterdam centre

The new and fully restored old freight ship 'Ms Tevredenheid' (which means Satisfaction) from 1920's is located in the green centre of Amsterdam just around the corner of the touristic attractions. 

Its a private owned housboat where Jasper and Eva live during the year. This special boat is max 60 days a year available so please check the callender carfully. It may not be available though the calander says so. Please check the calander, send us an message or call for more information regarding availabillety.

The place is very peaceful, quiet and located  opposite of a small park, next to the Hortus Botanical gardens. In the summer this place is ideale for bbq, tanning or even a swim. The neighborhood also offers a lot of museums, the Hermitage, Carré theatre, nice bars and restaurants, cinemas and the Amsterdam Zoo within 1. min walking distance. Or maybe you want to see the houseboat from a different angle: rent a boat and tour the canals!

House Style

The new stylish interior of the boat is fully rebuild to a 120sq/m light and open loft like space. The complete boat inside is finished with a fine stuck and follows the outside shape of the boat exactly which results in an sculpted artwork of round walls and ceiling structures. Main materials used are walnut, concrete, blue-steel paneling and framing, marble and moss. 

During the decoration of the boat, there was a lot of attention paid to design, which is typical for us Dutchies. You will find a lot of design books, items and curiosa. Also the boat is fully equipped with a domotica and sound system. 

The Luxury boat is fitted with all luxury equipments as a normal luxury house. Underfloor heating, domotica, high speed internet, cable and even an automated drawbridge, automated ceiling windows, electric taps and instant boiling water taps.

Things to know before booking

  • Location: perfect! :) Amsterdam's green quiet park center, around the corner from all the touristic attractions
  • Type: Loft boat
  • Max number of guests: 2 guests
  • Minimum stay: 3 nights with weekend included, 2 nights stay only possible during the week.
  • During holidays: Christmas and New Year, there is a minimum stay of 4 nights
  • Check out our calendar on the right, to see when the boat is available for you!